Can the Cubs Pull off Another World Series Win?

The Chicago Cubs won the 2016 World Series, and they can do it again in 2017.

Yes, the Cubs can pull off another win, but frankly speaking another World Series, or even pennant, is unlikely for Chicago in 2017. That’s not to say the Cubs won’t be be serious contenders in 2017, its simply a testament to how magical the 2016 win really was.

In 2016 several Cubs players had breakout years. Even more stunning – if a player didn’t have a breakout year, he had an impossible year. Take a look at David Ross, the veteran catcher who by that point in his career more closely resembled “Crash” Davis of Bull Durham than a World Series game seven hero. The then 39-year old Ross announced his retirement before the season. He quickly became a fan-favorite for his can-do attitude and then capped off the season and career with a tremendous home run in game seven of the World Series. You can’t make this stuff up – nor can you repeat it. David Ross’ story was so sensational it garnered him a movie deal. It’s hard to envision a sequel to this movie.

But it wasn’t only David Ross. It was the entire team, and it was The World Series. The 2016 The Chicago Cubs, which had an impossible, magical, crazy curse-breaking, only-found-in baseball type World Series. There are no words for accomplishments like the 2016 World Series win. There are movies. The Cubs were down three games to one and yet found a way win the best-of-seven series. Not likely repeated. In game seven alone one can point to any number of blessings from the sports gods without which the Commissioner’s Trophy would be spending 2017 in Cleveland.

As late as the 8th inning the Cubs were winning by three runs until reality set in. Cubs fans were horrified as their team and three (three!) pitchers all contributed to blow the three-run lead and headed into the ninth. And then there were extra innings. Extra innings in game seven of the World Series. No pressure for the Cubs. They pulled off yet another impossible feat, none other than a good ol’ tenth inning rally in game seven to win the World Series. ┬áHere have a look at it.

Sure, it’s possible the Chicago Cubs could win the 2017 World Series. In fact, preseason odds in Vegas listed Chicago as the favorite at 3-1, with the next most likely winner being the Cleveland Indians at only 12-1 odds. On the other hand, Sin City has made billions on suckers picking sure favorites. And besides, back-to-back World Series championships for a team which waited 108 years to win just one just doesn’t happen in the real world.

Just ask David Ross; it only happens in the movies.


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