Shoulder Injuries in the MLB

When people think of baseball injuries, they typically think of things like Tommy John surgery, strained hamstrings, and ankle injuries. This is completely understandable, as these are all common types of injuries in the MLB. In particular, medical students and prospective physiotherapists learning about torn ulnar collateral ligaments generally learn about this condition by using baseball as an example, where pitchers are emphasizes due to the extreme stress that occurs on the inside of the elbow during a pitch. This is the injury that typically requires the commonly heard-of Tommy John surgery.

That said, the overhead mechanics involved in throwing and catching can lead to many other problematic conditions as well, such as impingement problems in the shoulder, torn rotator cuff muscles, and sometimes even shoulder dislocation. These injuries are becoming increasingly common in baseball due to the fact that the players are pushing their bodies to the limits more than ever.

Relevance to MLB

So what does this have to do with current events in the MLB? If you’re a Brewers fan, you probably know all to well about shoulder injuries at the current moment. Jimmy Nelson, the Ace for the Brewers, was recently diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff muscle as well as a torn labrum of the shoulder joint, which is a structure that is necessary in order to maintain stability of the joint and prevention of dislocation. Perhaps more relevant for the short term, this injury is extremely painful and doesn’t just limit, but makes it impossible for Nelson to be able to throw, let alone pitch. This injury wasn’t sustained during a pitch, but actually occurred when he was forced to dive back into 1st base. Thus, the Brewers’ chances of making playoffs, and ultimately the World Series, has taken a significant blow.

Protecting Future Draft Classes

This is just one example of numerous shoulder injuries that are currently diagnosed in the MLB. We don’t mention this just to annoy Brewers’ fans, but instead, we are taking a more educational approach to this column. At MLB Sports Daily, we feel strongly that protecting our youth athletes from significant injuries is of the upmost importance, not just for their health and wellness, but also so we can allow the sport of baseball to thrive and grow in a healthy manner.

So as a baseball parent, what can you do to help your child avoid a major shoulder injury? First, we should start by mentioning that injuries are inherently accidental, and therefore cannot be completely avoided. However, taking some preventative measures to try and reduce the risk of injury as much as possible can make a huge difference.

Our first point of advice would be to talk to any available trainer on the team about injury avoidance strategies. Simple methods like appropriate stretching and strengthening can go a long way in terms of injury prevention. If the team does not have the resources for a trainer, which many don’t, then try visiting a physiotherapist if at all possible. If this is also out of the question, YouTube is a great resource for demonstrations of baseball-specific stretching and strengthening exercises.

There’s a good chance your child has already been injured playing baseball. It is crucial not to rush their recovery for the sake of squeezing in an extra game or two. Remember, they have their entire careers ahead of them. If their injury has led to decreased shoulder stability, there are lots of affordable sports medicine products out there to help aid in their rehabilitation. For example, shoulder braces can be used to provide additional stability to the shoulder joint if it has been compromised due to a rotator cuff injury or ligament sprain. These types of devices exist for virtually every applicable joint in the body, so you can usually find something good for any time of injury. We prefer the site Brace Access for information and education about sports injuries and sports medicine braces.


At the end of the day, keeping up with current news and events in the MLB can really give you a good idea about where the sport is heading. If you see shoulder injuries are on the rise, chances are that is something you will want to consider moving forward. If you see a trend of certain positions experiencing similar injuries, then again, this is a trend you will want to keep in the back of your mind.

In the meantime, enjoy the final stretch of the 2017 MLB season, and best of luck in your own baseball league!

Can the Cubs Pull off Another World Series Win?

Can the Cubs Pull off Another World Series Win?

The Chicago Cubs won the 2016 World Series, and they can do it again in 2017.

Yes, the Cubs can pull off another win, but frankly speaking another World Series, or even pennant, is unlikely for Chicago in 2017. That’s not to say the Cubs won’t be be serious contenders in 2017, its simply a testament to how magical the 2016 win really was.

In 2016 several Cubs players had breakout years. Even more stunning – if a player didn’t have a breakout year, he had an impossible year. Take a look at David Ross, the veteran catcher who by that point in his career more closely resembled “Crash” Davis of Bull Durham than a World Series game seven hero. The then 39-year old Ross announced his retirement before the season. He quickly became a fan-favorite for his can-do attitude and then capped off the season and career with a tremendous home run in game seven of the World Series. You can’t make this stuff up – nor can you repeat it. David Ross’ story was so sensational it garnered him a movie deal. It’s hard to envision a sequel to this movie.

But it wasn’t only David Ross. It was the entire team, and it was The World Series. The 2016 The Chicago Cubs, which had an impossible, magical, crazy curse-breaking, only-found-in baseball type World Series. There are no words for accomplishments like the 2016 World Series win. There are movies. The Cubs were down three games to one and yet found a way win the best-of-seven series. Not likely repeated. In game seven alone one can point to any number of blessings from the sports gods without which the Commissioner’s Trophy would be spending 2017 in Cleveland.

As late as the 8th inning the Cubs were winning by three runs until reality set in. Cubs fans were horrified as their team and three (three!) pitchers all contributed to blow the three-run lead and headed into the ninth. And then there were extra innings. Extra innings in game seven of the World Series. No pressure for the Cubs. They pulled off yet another impossible feat, none other than a good ol’ tenth inning rally in game seven to win the World Series.  Here have a look at it.

Sure, it’s possible the Chicago Cubs could win the 2017 World Series. In fact, preseason odds in Vegas listed Chicago as the favorite at 3-1, with the next most likely winner being the Cleveland Indians at only 12-1 odds. On the other hand, Sin City has made billions on suckers picking sure favorites. And besides, back-to-back World Series championships for a team which waited 108 years to win just one just doesn’t happen in the real world.

Just ask David Ross; it only happens in the movies.


Highlights of the 2017 MLB Draft

Highlights of the 2017 MLB Draft

This year’s Major League Baseball drafts ended on Wednesday June 15, 2017. Now that the dust has settled, let’s see where the top prospects and notable players in this year’s draft ended up.

The Top Three Picks

First Overall Pick: The Minnesota Twins took Lewis Royce, shortstop, as their first-round draft pick and the first overall pick in the entire MLB Draft. Royce is known for his athleticism and ability to react on both sides of the ball. More than anything his ability as shortstop and center fielder makes him a dynamic player, worth a $7.7 million pick value from the Twins.

Second Overall Pick: According to the final rankings released by, Hunter Greene of Notre Dame High School topped the draft list. He was drafted as the second pick of the MLB Draft with a pick value of $7.1 million. Not too bad for a kid that isn’t even 18 yet. Greene is joining the Cincinnati Reds as a right-handed pitcher.

Third Overall Pick: The San Diego Padres gave their $6.6 million pick and third overall pick to MacKenzie Gore. Another young man, just 18 years of age, he is a left-handed pitcher with some amazing numbers. Gore posted a 0.08 ERA in his junior year, with 174 strikeouts in 83 1/3 innings. This highly competitive young man is set to be an asset to the Padres in this upcoming season.

Notable Events: Prior to the 2017 MLB Draft, the St. Louis Cardinals forfeited their picks to the Houston Astros. This meant the Cardinals didn’t participate in the draft until the third round, and their selection at the 94th pick overall. Hopefully, Fowler is the asset they want him to be (although judging by what he did for the Chicago Cubs, he just might be what the Cardinals need).

Notable Players

  • Kyle Wright: The fifth overall pick of the draft, this Vanderbilt player was drafted to the Atlanta Braves. He is a right-handed picture with fastball crossing the plate at 97. Just a few weeks before the draft, this player was at the top of the draft list so the Braves got a steal with Wright.
  • Alex Faedo: The Detroit Tigers had the 18th pick overall and used it on Alex Faedo from the University of Florida. He is a right-handed pitcher that should have been drafted as an earlier pick. The Tigers got lucky with this 2.60 ERA player.
  • Adam Haseley: The Philadelphia Phillies chose the perfect outfielder to fill out their roster. If he is given the chance to focus his hitting, his numbers can increase dramatically. In his season this year with Virginia, he hit .390/.491/.659 with 16 doubles, 14 home runs, and 56 RBI.
  • Kacy Clemens: One of the sons of Roger Clemens was selected by the Blue Jays in the Eighth Round. He is a first baseman that played at the University of Texas.